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The majority of your pre-ordering questions/concerns are answered here, please refer below to ensure your question(s) or concern(s) aren't already addressed before inquiring. 

Q. What types of desserts do you provide?
A. Custom cakes, cupcakes, breads, pies, custards, cookies, brownies, dessert bars, cake doughnuts, petits fours, and assorted breakfast pastries.

Q. What additional services do you provide?
A. Consultations, On-site Delivery, On-site Setup, Tastings, Stand Rentals.

Q. Do you provide special dietary cakes, such as vegan, sugar-free or gluten-free?
A. Yes to all three.

Q. Do you offer private tastings?
A. The Red Room Cakery offers private tastings for first-time wedding clients. Contact us to make an appointment.

Q. How far in advance do you require an order be placed?
A. We "recommend" booking for party/specialty cakes 30 days in advance, and 45 days for wedding cakes.

Q. What are your prices at The Red Room Cakery?
A. Our cakes are priced with a flat per-serving fee giving us a uniform base price on all of our cakes. Detail/intricacy charges are then added according to the amount of detail work desired and how intricate the detail is.


$3.50/ serving for buttercream

$4.50/ serving for fondant

Small basic smash cakes start at $25, fondant at $30

$25/dozen- standard 
$30+/dozen- decorated/filled (price determined by filling and/or detail desired)

Over-sized cupcakes: (price is for ONE cupcake)
Smash size- feeds up to 5 people; $25+ (price depends on desired intricacy and detail)
Designer size- feeds up to 12; $50+ (price depends on desired intricacy and detail)

Petits Fours: (tiny cakes covered in fondant, marzipan, or royal icing)
$30/dozen- basic
$40+/dozen- decorated/filled (price determined by filling and/or detail desired)
**There are three varieties of petits fours, we offer only the glazed(cake) variety**

$15/dozen- standard round or square w/no decorations
$24+/dozen- custom shapes, sizes, and/or iced

**Traditional and specialty flavors available, contact us with flavor inquiries**
8in- Traditional: $30/ Specialty: $40+ *varies with desired filling(s) or topping(s)

9in- Traditional: $40/ Specialty: $50+ *varies with desired filling(s) or topping(s)
10in- Traditional: $50/ Specialty: $60+ *varies with desired filling(s) or topping(s)


$12- standard 9in creme or custard pie topped with whipped topping
$15- standard 9in two-crust fruit-filled pie


**For a complete reference of our offerings please contact us or visit our storefront and choose one of Chef Jamie's delicious and unique treats from our display cases**

- Small edible fondant and gumpaste characters/figures (3" and smaller) start at $5.00 per creation. Larger focal creations (4" or larger) start at $7.00 per creation.

- Gumpaste and/or fondant flowers start at $2.00 per flower. Other flower options are available, contact us for details.

- Edible imaging is available, pricing will vary per order.

Q. Does the price include the top tier of the wedding cake?
A. The Red Room Cakery does NOT charge for the top tier. This is your anniversary cake...our gift to you. However, if you choose not to save your top tier, it will be figured into the edible portions.

Q. What kind of deposit is required to book a cake?
A. A $100.00 deposit is required to hold your date. Your date CANNOT BE HELD without a deposit.

* All orders under $100.00 are due in-full, at the time of booking. For all other cakes the remaining balance is due 7 days prior to your date. 

Q. Do you offer any discounts?
A. We offer a 10% military discount.

Q. Is the deposit refundable or transferable? 
A. No. Once your date is held, all business is turned away for your spot. Since we take a limited number of orders per week, dates sell out very quickly. Cancellation at any time, will result in forfeiture of initial deposit, and any prepayments. 

Q. What if I decide to change my date? 
A. Date transfers are at the sole discretion of The Red Room Cakery. A minimum $50.00 transfer fee would be required to reserve a new date, and would be based on availability. 

Q. What (if any) cake accessories do you rent out?
A. Cake stands are available for rent, based on availability for $35. Other cake accessories (cake plates, Venetian pillars, custom glassware, stairs, fake/silk flowers) are available for rent, based on availability, and are priced according to cake size. The Red Room Cakery requires all rented equipment be returned  to us (in original condition) by the Tuesday following your event. Failure to return our equipment by the return date will result in additional charges.

Q. Do you offer delivery? If yes, how much is your average delivery fee?
A. Delivery/set-up within Vigo County is $50. 

- Delivery/setup outside of Vigo County is $75 plus standard mileage charges .

Q. Do you stay and cut the wedding cake?
A. No. However if you desire someone to stay and cut your cake, we charge $.50 per serving for this service. This service DOES NOT include napkins, basic plates, and forks.

Q. Do you offer dummy (fake) cakes, sheet cakes, or cupcakes in addition to the wedding cake to save on cost?
A. Yes. We love this option as a way to save!

**Dummy cakes are styrofoam cakes, iced and decorated just as a real cake would be and are 1/2 of what the real cake would cost, based on the design, and size. 

**Kitchen cakes/sheet cakes are non-decorated, single-layer, buttercream-iced, pre-cut, and served to guests after the cake-cutting ceremony.


Q. Can I order my wedding cake from you, and a groom's cake or sheet cake from someone else?
A. No. This is a quality control issue. Since we cannot guarantee the quality of someone else's work, we have a strict policy against the mixing of cake vendors, including cupcakes. The cake is all cut and served in the end, and there is no differentiating what slice came from whom. If someone was to get sick, or simply not enjoy the taste/look of the secondary vendor's cake, they would not necessarily know that it wasn't provided by the same company that you hired to create your wedding cake. We recommend that if you have a family member, friend, or other preferred bakery in mind, that you serve their cake at the rehearsal dinner, the night before.

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