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The Red Room Cakery

The Red Room Cakery offers delectable desserts for all events. Specializing in elegant bridal cakes, over-the-top party cakes, irresistible cupcakes, delicious petits fours, and so much more.

Bridal events, birthday parties, social events, receptions– anytime you need a special indulgence or even just to celebrate Tuesday, call on the talents of Chef Jamie Chesterson and his crew. 

Jamie Chesterson
Executive Pastry Chef and Owner




Chef Jamie Chesterson has been involved with cakes and other desserts/pastries since early 2002. He enlisted in the United States Navy as a Culinary Specialist back in 2001. During his first 9 month deployment on-board the U.S.S Carl Vinson, he was offered a position in the bakery, the rest is essentially history. In the years that followed, Chef Jamie received special desserts and pastry school training with the military, attended Baking and Pastry Arts school in Virginia, and briefly studied under Executive Chef Bronwen Weber- owner of Frosted Art Bakery & Studio in Dallas, TX. In late 2007 he separated from the United States Navy and continued to do cakes from his home in Ft. Worth, TX. In 2008, he relocated to Baird, TX and also left his cake career behind to pursue other options.



As of early 2011- Chef Jamie was back at it again, back home in Terre Haute, IN. Re-acclimating himself back into the world of cake/desserts, pushing forward and building new clientele. 



Now we're here......The Red Room Cakery





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